Opening Day & Augusta

The opening week of baseball is exciting for St. Louis…probably not too many other places…some of these numbers may be trends but most are be flashes…anyway some quick glances at week 1….
…Adrian Gonzalez has just concluded the best “week” of his career…He blasted 5 HR in opening series against SD, has a .609 avg, OBP of .667, slug % 1.391. Seattle is up for him on Monday…maybe HR will fade a bit but what a start !
…the Major League RBI leader is Corey Dickerson (Col) with 9 for this opening week…hang on…I see what ur thinking….nope… he had 6 ribbies in Milwaukee and only 3 in the light air….maybe not so light since the new laws of Colorado may have “other effects” than intended 
…hope ur sitting down…after a week, the co-leaders of AL West are the Houston Astros & Seattle Mariners… isn’t like they’re on fire…each team is 3-3…now I wouldn’t go rushing out to Vegas to put all u own on either of these 2 teams staying in this lofty position
…OK…apparently the Cubs had shoveled away all the crap on the team…i.e…I guess they shoveled so much into the toilets that they thought the Cubs would actually be good..anyway…it was too much… during the winter…at least that’s what mgmt. tries to tell us…anyway….the toilets didn’t function for game 1….can u imagine ANY PLACE ELSE IN AMERICA not having working toilet facilities for 30000 folks…sure they brought in 70 johnnies the next day…why not 700? A not so new math formula– 30000 folks + lots of beer = many trips to the toilet…they sure didn’t follow the Cards guidelines, do they?….don’t remove em…sell ‘em to the fans…ya know it could have been…take a whiz and take it with u –all for $100!
…Detroit behind their ancient duo of Miguel Cabrera & Victor Martinez are tied with the World Series competitor- the KC Royals at 6-0…now this is a case that with another couple of good weeks, these 2 teams could really separate themselves from the weak sisters…oops not meant to be sexist…. of a division…speaking of KC….it was unique to have the KC Symphony perform the opening day National Anthem
….it must have been SR citizen day on opening day in New York as the Mets rolled out Bartolo Colon as the starting pitcher AND he won and drove in a run !!
…the Atlanta Braves revamped roster jumped off to a 5-1 beginning…the OF has 3 new starters ( I think dumping the two Uptons was a terrific move)…Jonny (I didn’t misspell it) Gomes (Boston/Oak in 2014), Cameron Maybin (SD in 2014), Nick Markakis (Balt) give a fresh …if not lasting … look to the Braves. The once premier Brave staff has several big ????…Julio Teheran,,Eric Stults, Shelby Miller and Alex Wood. ..please note that they have Shelby as the #3 starter and are using a 4-man rotation ….interesting…
…Don’t count on Pedro Alverez hitting .300 for another week …much less the season
…Cody Asche (Ft Zum West) is off to a .429 start for the Phils….I don’t even remember him AT ALL in our local high school coverage
…Cards 1st week…Molina still doesn’t look…or play…the same from my view…Heyward’s quick start relieves some pressure on him…I’m not comfortable with the mid-relief corp ….I still wish Wong would bat #1 with Carpenter behind him—2 reasons..Wong can’t run being in #8 spot with pitcher behind him…Carp takes tons of pitches anyway..I’d like to see the Cards use his speed…we have a good team—I don’t see anyone staying with us for 162

Around Augusta there were the sights of various famous folks as they made comments….listen…
….John Calipoison was seen bringing in 18 players so that they all could be “1 & done”
…Justin Spieth was incredible….he’s the “new” American superstar….he seemed very genuine to me…heck…he hugged his Mom 1st , then Dad, then girl-friend and then his grand-dad….looked cool to me
…Ernie Banks was seen departing before the 3rd hole saying, “ I said Let’s play 2 today”
…President Obama was seen giving instructions to the installation of new machines at the end of the 18th hole….your scorecard is to be inserted and a new one comes out with a par score for you…he wants it called” Medipar Coverage”…
…I gotta give it to Phil Michelson….he still competes at a very high level …on most years, his score could have easily been the winning score….meanwhile Tiger has gaggles of reporters following him around as he attempts to reach into the top 10 of the Masters.
…Vince Coleman was seen looking all around the ground mumbling something like…”there’s gotta be a tarp around here…be carefull….look for that tarp”
…Ray Charles was seen belting our chords of “Georgia on My Mind”
…Kevin Slaten was seen talking with an Augusta official as he wants the bridge to the final ceremony renamed the “Joe Paterno Bridge” since he again is recognized with the most college wins and all winners would cross it.
…Stan Kroneke was seen carrying around an sign with an “O” on it….some were excited as they thought it meant that the Rams would try to ignite their offense– ya know…maybe having 5 guys to play on the O-line…or some WR who can outrun the D-Backs or whatever….anyway, Stan indicated that he was intending to use the “O” to change the Rams name. ….stan said that he’d finally take care of the st louis fans and name this team the St Louis Roamers with some home games in LA, some in Colorado (where he owns 2 other teams), some in London(where he already has his soccer stadium and training facility) and 1 exhibition game in St. Louis
…Hans & Solo –of Insurance Commercial Fame…were seen grabbing golfers and demanding that they “double check” their numbers
…Don Drysdale was seen getting into his golf cart..after a bit of a struggle he was
grinning and saying, “ I always did like it UP and IN”
….Billy Hamilton was seen racing around the course—finishing as quickly as possible….he knows that getting there 1st is his key to winning—he won Saturday night’s game—walk, SB, passed ball and sac fly….he’s ignited the most excitement on the bases since Vince Coleman

Odds & Ends…
….4 page spread on Jayson Tatum in SI (as the #1 recruit in the USA) … interesting …learned more about him than I ever knew and he’s grown up right here…it actually seems to paint the picture of him considering SLU ….wouldn’t that be a coup?
…with the headline “WON and DONE”…SI delves deeply into the continued growth of Coach K as a coach….I think that is probably the hardest challenge of veteran coaches….staying fresh –both strategically and with the daily grind
…highlighting Hannah Perryman of UMSL (threw another perfect game yesterday) a couple weeks ago, I overlooked the outstanding running success of Colleen Quigley (whose Dad-Gaylerd, was one of my Math colleagues at CBC) – she’s been a national leader in track, cross country and now steeplechase at Florida State…she ran in HS for Nerinx..congrats to Colleen & Dad