We “hear” things in the sports world. We assume are some are correct and some “not so much”.  We rely on our judgment to determine if its RUMORS, SPECULATION OR JUST PLAIN OL’ BS!  

…When St Louis City SC was being formed, there was all kinds talk by all parties that  “we’ll support them 100%”. Well….the fans certainly have done that! The StL Soccer feelings, buried deep of late, came out loud, strong & in force. So much so that it’s gained national attention.  Well, one facet that we assumed would be very supportive has fallen flat. The local Newspaper coverage SC games doesn’t seem to make any edition (at least that I receive). MSL Standings, stats, “personal” articles make it to the Post on a seemingly once/week basis. I mean how tough is it each Monday(since most games are on Saturday night) to post the current, updated MLS standings with “leaders” in offensive & GK areas? They do it for all the MLB Box scores. Their talk in the summer time about “real” support has been BS!

…When Matt Carpenter left the Cards. The speculation was that he was “done..washed up”. It was easy to say after he batted .186 in 2020 and .169 in 2021. However in 2022, the cozy NYY RF dimensions brought him back to life. He batted .305 with 15 HR!!! That speculation about him being “too old” had vanished.  However, rumors returned this year at San Diego as he’s off to slow (that’s being kind) .152 start to the year.

….the rumors had been for a couple years that Arch Manning would be an instant starter when he moved to the college level. He landed @ Texas so most assumed that Arch would be “the man” in ‘23. Not so fast, in the spring game, returning Longhorn QB, Quinn Ewers, completed 16 of 23 in the scrimmage. After the game HC Steve Sarkisian said, “”I thought Quinn was really efficient today. I think it’s pretty clear to say that Quinn’s our starting quarterback and we feel very good about that,” he said, per ESPN. The speculation that Arch was a “guarantee” starter as a Frosh. That now looks like weak speculation. Could he transfer to Mizzou (who needs a real QB disparately).. are you kidding?  Your hopes have become BS in this case 😊

…After Ollie’s public blast about O’Neill, the speculation is that O’Neill will be wearing a different uniform in the next month or 2. Time will tell on that one but I think it’ll happen. There’s speculation that O’Neill could be traded for a #2,#3, or #4 starting pitcher. The feelings of many Cards fans is that they’ve ignored their pitching shortcomings this spring. Further, with Flaherty & Montgomery both free agents at the end of ’23, the rotation needs a real upgrade for the present AND the future. Despite that obvious need, it’s foolish to think that the Cards will go out & sign a real “huge” name (and HUGE salary) to add to their starting rotation.

…The long-time held supposition is that the LA Dodgers will be a very talented team that competes every year for the West Division title. It’s ALWAYS seemed that way. The Dodgers have the money, the ability to make huge money with the metropolitan LA area. Year after year… count on it!  Well….hold on there… that’s plain ol’ BS! The 2023 Dodgers don’t have that Super-star in their holdings any longer. They don’t even have Stars!!  Look @ their feeble starting lineup for Friday—while Mookie Betts & Freddie Freeman seem to be genuine star players look closer. Mookie has batted .264 & .269 the last 2 seasons. JD Martinez is 35 years old—currently batting .256. Freddie Freeman IS the only real star of the Dodgers. Look at the others—Max Muncy- 8 years in MLB…232 lifetime average;2b Miguel Vargas- holds a .216 average;25year old Rookie-James Outman (currently @ .225 average); 32 year old CF is Trayce Thompson—lifetime .221 hitter in 7 MLB years. Rookie SS Lucas Williams currently holding a .231 average. Catcher Austin Wynns is at .250!  As I write this, the Dodgers are 10-11 for 2023 in the NL W(eak) Division!!

….We assume that certain things will stay the same….particularly in sports.  However, there has been a dramatic decline in the youth participation in baseball. There has been a severe drop in teams, even at the High School level. USA kids just aren’t playing baseball. Already the MLB sees more & more players from outside USA. I don’t see the trend changing. When’s the last time that you saw some kids, boys or girls, playing “ball” together just on their own? CYC baseball has just about disappeared. “Select” baseball, with its huge price tag, is the only route left. The cost alone eliminates lower middle class & the poor class of kids from participating. If this doesn’t change, interest in the sport will dwindle down the road. As interest slims down, so will the huge crowds, the gaudy contracts, yada-yada-yada. The MLB needs to take dramatic action to rekindle interest and fun in baseball with the youth.

…Most of us assume that the Cardinals pitching is so-so but OK enough to win.  Well…here’s the “lay of the land”, the Cards 2023 pitching staff in the first 19 games (almost 1/8 of the season) are tied for last in the entire MLB in “quality starts” with just TWO.  In the WHIP category (walks & hits per inning) the Cards are 26th of 30 teams. The Opponents Batting average (.282) against the Cards pitchers is 28th in the league. Our assumptions at this moment look far too high—they really have been BAD in early 2023. The Cards actually need 2 strong (proven) starting pitchers… not just 1!

…While some make the supposition that Mizzou will NEVER be a football power… check out Tulane. Tulane went 12-2 in 2022 after posting a 2-10 record in 2021! It’s only the 4th time that the Green Wave has swam in the .500+ waters since 2000!  Keep the faith Tiger fans!

….Across the MLB, we assume that the batting leaders will be familiar names to us. That supposition may not hold water any longer, at least at this moment. The batting leaders have “turned over” to the next generation.  Louis Arraez (Miami), Matt Chapman (Toronto), Brandon Nimmo (NYM), Ronald Acuna JR, (Atl) & Jorge Mateo (Balt) are the TOP 5 as I write this on Saturday morning!!

….Well if you’re making the assumption that we’re coming to the end…you’re RIGHT! Thanks for the read!  I’d love to read some of your thoughts  that are Rumor, Speculation or just plain ol’ BS!  Bob