About Bob Ryan


I spent most of my life teaching and coaching. I coached various levels and various sports throughout my 40 year teaching career. In fact over the 40 years, I coached 75 different High School Teams including head Varsity Coach  of  7 years-Varsity Football; 6 Years- Varsity Baseball, 4 years-Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, 15 years-Varsity Girls Basketball…I know it doesn’t add up to 75….I was the Head Coach of Frosh Football and Frosh Boys Basketball as well as an asst coach for Varsity Football , Varsity Baseball and 1 year as an Asst Frosh Football Coach….what did I teach?….Math…do I see you scratching your head?

In addition I kept busy in my “off seasons” coaching my own children (4 boys) in numerous baseball and basketball teams.

I began writing blogs years ago…I called them articles in those days… I wrote them about our Fantasy Baseball…dating back to 1985….I calculated the league stats manually in those days…ugh…what a task…then wrote articles for the league owners about their teams.

I was one of two owners that began streaming high school sports games on the Internet in 2003. We were the first company in St. Louis to do such a thing.  It was called Prepcasts. My partner moved on after a couple years and I managed the company while I was teaching and coaching. At our peak during my tenure, we had almost 30 different guys announcing while covering over 1200 games a season! It was challenging and fun!  I retired from teaching in 2012 and sold the company in 2013.

I began publishing my blogs on the Internet following the 2015 Super Bowl. It was published on Prepcasts the day after the game. The day after it was published, it received national notice. Two Wash DC sports talk show hosts had typed Super-Bowl and Bob Ryan into the net–hoping to read the famous Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe. These hosts called him up to interview him about his wonderful blog. Mr. Ryan was pleasant but firm in his admission that he doesn’t write blogs.  Since the DC hosts had bragged so much about the article…I thought…what the heck…maybe others will enjoy it if I continue… so…here we are!

I still announce around 100 games/year on the Internet and now have published 70 blogs entirely for my own personal pleasure…not treasure 🙂 Thanks for making it to the bottom and I hope you’ll continue reading…. Bob