Wrapping up World Series

The thrilling World Series between the two best teams in baseball in 2017….just won by Houston…a 1st for the franchise….was lots of fun to watch….now..some personal “awards”, comments & observations…
…game 5 was….if not the best game in series history….oopps…in St Louis….that designation will always be the David Freese night in 2011…so let’s call this “one of the very best”….
….it was a HR derby for 5 games but the last 2 games looked more like real baseball games to me.
…I’ve always felt this way…go with your best…if he “runs outtta gas”….or “doesn’t have it” so be it….but don’t wait until you’re behind in the championship game to bring in Clayton Kershaw….start him….he’s your best…further considerations 1)Grab the early momentum with his strikeouts and quick innings 2) In 2016 playoffs, with 2 days rest, Kerhshaw pitched 7 innings and gave up 2 hits…so why start anyone else?
….Alex Bregman wins my World Series “Gold Glove” award
….I think Altuve was posing a bit too much for the cameras…but…even so….he’s fun to watch and really good….despite his .194 series average
…I still don’t understand the quick hook by both managers on some of their starting pitchers..I mean taking out a starter because the next batter hits from the other side of the plate in the 3rd inning?
…I would have liked to shake Brendan Morrow’s hand for his endurance ..he pitched in all 7 world series games and in all but one playoff game…but he couldn’t raise his arm  His fastball had lost all its zip by games 5, 6, 7 of Series….but this post-season will extend his career ..which was in doubt earlier this year.
…George Springer was clearly the Series MVP…5 HR, .379 avg, slug% 1.000 (that means he averages one base for every AB) and slugging % of 1.471
….I’m sure that many NL pitchers were taking notes on how to pitch to LA 1B, Cody Bellinger…he struck out 17 times in 28 at-bats….I’ll save em the time….fastballs high & away, breaking balls that start at the knees and break low & inside below the knees….
….last minute shopping results for World Series teams varied…….
….LA signed Yu Darvish as their trading deadline acquisition…. His free agent value for next season was probably cut in half by his two flops in the Series….2 starts, 3.1 inn, 9 hits, 8 Earned Runs, 2 walks, 0…yes…zero strikeouts…..he sure didn’t look like a real top level #1…he probably drove up the value of Lance Lynn 
….on the other hand…Houston snatched Justin Verlander literally seconds prior to the deadline…he DID look like a true #1….2 starts in Series, 12 inn, 3.75 era, whip of .583…well worth his money …
World Series history Book since 2000……
When Houston won their 1st ever championship this year …the Cubbies won their 1st Series in over 100 years last year and Kansas City won after a long drought in 2015….it drove me to dig out the Series “team” participation & post-season participation since the year 2000….here’s some of the stats that seemed interesting… again..just since 2000..
….ALL 30 MLB teams have been in the playoffs since 2000! That stunned me!…Florida is the only team to be in only one post-season (2003) and they won the Series that year. The Cards & Yanks lead the MLB with 12 post-season appearances in this new millennium . Then comes the Dodgers… who have played in 9 post-seasons.
…the Nationals have been in the last 4 post-seasons and 5 of the last 6 years …but..sorry Dusty …ya gotta win one series…. Atlanta was in nine times with SIX straight post-seasons (from 2000-2005); Boston has experienced post seasons 8x with 3 world series championships
…Now come the big surprises..at least to me…again…this is since (and including} 2000…Oakland has eight appearances-most recent 2014; Anaheim has tasted post-season waters 7x with only 1 World Series appearance …that they won…in 2002. The Giants have been post-season 8x with 3 Series titles; Minnesota has been to the post-season seven times (including this year)..they were in the post season 4 of 5 years between 2002 and 2006.I was also surprised that Tampa has been post season in four different seasons (08, 10, 11, 13)….Poor Seattle has had a long time between drinks…their last post season was 2001 after being there in 2000
…regarding World Series appearances, the Cards, Giants and Yankees have been there 4 times but Boston is 3 for 3 (3 appearances and 3 titles)…now it’s time to close the world series book….
Cards baseball thought….
…so why am I not surprised that the headines today talk about the Cards looking for a less expensive option as a closer without any trade ramifications….come on…do you REALLY want to win?
NCAA Football…
So….I’m sure that the committee was trying to be extremely fair and non-judgmental when they chose Georgia over Alabama in their 1st poll….clearly they thought that Georgia had more wins over “good “teams than Bama at this point…I see Georgia’s 1 point win @ ND but the last 4 games have been big blow-outs against SEC teams(none in the upper echelon)…meanwhile Bama’s only win of consequence was their opening week victory over Florida State…Bama has a list like Georgia of crushing several SEC teams….in the probable SEC championship game….Bama vs -Georgia ….I’m still going with Alabama. I still see Drew Lock winging those long passes over the heads of the Georgia secondary….can’t Alabama do that also?… but It’s only the poll for this week…you can’t vote on what you think MAY happen in the future…. vote only for how it has played out to this point…
….Mizzou really crushed Florida…Drew Lock, when given time and has a running game established , he can really throw the long ball…his deep-ball accuracy is very good….right now, Florida is reeling…lost many players for off-field incidents and then fired their coach…btw…these “temporary head coach” status just doesn’t cut it….we all know the saying, “ a dog only has one master”….well speaking as a long time HS coach …it’s true in coaching also..a team has but one master…and that IS the head coach. Let me put it in another way…the same is true in teaching….think back now of YOUR thoughts when you had a “substitute” teacher for the day…… I rest my case.
More on Florida…..so I’m going out on a limb….Florida wants a high-profile, experienced, offensive minded coach….Jim McElwain was supposed to be Jim Mcl-win for the Gators but became Jim McE-lame…I’d shoot real high….and pay real high … for Chris Peterson of U of Washington…Peterson gained notice with his 92-12 record as Head Coach @ Boise State before moving to Washington. We’ll see if the lure of the SEC over the Pac 12 does hold water. If you want a coach with local contacts already established and is less expensive…how about Scott Frost of Central Florida….those are my 2 choices for this attractive job.
High School Football …
….I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to announce the Class 2 football game between the Lutheran North Crusaders and the Trinity Titans. I didn’t know if I’get in on time…I arrived at the Lucas & Hunt exit (about 1/4mile from the Lutheran North… the line of cars reminded me of the line of cars at the ending of Field of Dreams movie…play it…and they will come  It was a really an outstanding game…North won it 48-46…there was a little bit of everything….one team preferred passing, the other a power running game, so we saw magnificent catches, power & speed on runs, pick-6’s; a KO return for a TD, fumbles on punts that had bounced on the ground, kicking situations were often unpredictable, interceptions on passes that should not have been thrown,completions on passes that should not have been thrown; trickerations on extra points and lots and lots of hard hitting and dazzling speed….it was really a super high school game in front of about 5000 folks. Trinity scored with 38 seconds left in the game to cut the margin to 2 points….of course they went for two points…they had hoped to isolate one of their star receivers, Marcus Washington for the quick slant or alley-oop pass … RC Owens revived !!…..North put 2 defenders on him…so QB Isiah Williams tried running…as he had done well many other times…for the goal line…he was hit about ½ yard out and driven back by a bevy of North defenders….this game had a plethora of future college football players…I would guess about 15-20 players will someday be wearing college football uniforms. I’ve never done this before but … there’s always a 1st time…many have asked about the game…well…here’s the link…hit “demand” button, Trinity-LN game link, wait for arrow…click…and go…here’s the link…
….another dandy was the Hillsboro-Cape Central game….these 2 schools often hook up in some wild and wooly games in district championship games….with the score tied 28-28 in the 4th quarter after Cape had scored 2 TD in the 3rd quarter to tie it…the Hillsboro Hawks marched their way to the title…and I do mean march…the Hawks went 80 yards in 14 plays and 6:30 seconds to take a 36-28 lead on way to their 1st district title in 4 years…Congrats to Coach Lee Freeman & the Hillsboro team.
….on the pro football level…KC Chiefs are a fun team to watch…if you like offense….as of today… Alex Smith is the top rated passer and tied for #2 in TD passes, RB Kareem Hunt leads the league in rushing and total yards, the #6 & #7 receivers in the NFL are Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill.
High School Soccer..
Finally…..I want to congratulate my friend, John Mohrmann, who guided his Priory Rebels to the Class 2 Soccer Championship over Lincoln Prep 3-0 last Saturday. John was an excellent player himself at St. Thomas Aquinas HS….my memory is that he played on a state winning team there. He has won 5 state soccer championships as a Head Coach at two schools. John led Rosary HS to state titles in 1985 & 1987. He has directed Priory to 3 state championships in 2005, 2011, 2017…6 year itch…so to speak.. In between, he also took the tiny Prep Seminary HS into the Soccer Playoffs. He was able to enjoy a real special thrill this year as his son ,Will , was a member of the team. Congratulations!
I’m wrapping up the 2017 baseball season now….we’ll be into off-season changes shortly…NCAA football rankings, Blues, and other sports stuff starting next week…

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