Bubbling Up

…While the MLB seems snarled up over stealing signs, length of the game, preserving the careers of the stars & other areas….a serious topic is bubbling up under the surface for the MLB.
….unlike the NFL & NBA, the MLB must fund their own development system….commonly called the “Minor Leagues”. The Minor Leagues have been in existence since 1901. It was formed so teams could sign players and keep them despite their skill level being a bit short of that required of an MLB player. With extra development & teaching… it was thought…that many would elevate their game and eventually reach the MLB.
…Currently the MLB roster has 40 players on it. Only 25 can play in the MLB, so the other 15 players are relegated to the Minors. The salaries of these 15 players are far above the standard MiLB salaries.
…this system worked for decades…in 1932, there were 14 leagues and 102 clubs..it continued to grow so that by 1947, there were over 52 leagues and 388 clubs. The apex of popularity was…arguably… 1949 when 59 leagues and 448 clubs comprised minor league ball. It also attracted 39,640,443 fans, a record that stood for 54 years. It began declining after that point…maybe…. it was to TV availability, maybe MLB’s expansion, maybe the proliferation & growth of other professional sports, maybe different generational attitudes.
Well……the minor league players & system are bubbling up right now. After years of protests from the players, the salaries remained anemic. However, beginning in 2021, minor league players will receive raises in their monthly pay. The raises will range between 38 percent and 72 percent. Here are the weekly raises broken down by level: Rookie and short-season: Up to $400 from $290; Single-A: Up to $500 from $290; Double-A: Up to $600 from $350; and
Triple-A (level directly beneath the MLB): Up to $700 from $502. $700/week….For AAA players….about $3000/month..for the 5 month season—about $15,000! Minor leaguers are not paid during the offseason or for spring training. Go back to that line, “The raises will range between 38 percent and 72 percent”. Sooo..for all these decades…. MiLB (minor league) have been accepting these substandard salaries just to hold onto their hopes of making the MLB. Once they reach…and many never will reach it… heaven…oops…the MLB…the minimum salary is slightly over $560,000/year. These minor league reflections don’t even touch on the long bus rides, the many, many McD’s meals on the go, modest motels, hours & hours spent refining your skills, time away from family & a social life with these strangers called your “teammates” (who come & go frequently).
… There are various levels for the players as they move upward…Rookie, A, AA, AAA. The very high draft choices begin either on the 40 man roster or up on AA or AAA level. Players may be moved up… or down… at any point. At some point, a lengthy-experienced MiLB player gets a label as a MiLB’er and your chances are slim of reaching the MLB. Overall chances of making the MLB? For an NCAA senior player drafted by a (MLB) team: Less than eleven in 100, or 10.5 percent. For a High school senior players eventually drafted by an MLB team: About one in 200, or 0.5 percent.
… What about these Minor League Systems (each team has their own system). Who has the most promising “future” MLB players? That’s the purpose…develop MLB players….not necessarily winning games in the MiLB. According to reports….NO….I haven’t been driving around Florida & AZ checking this out  …Tampa Bay is listed as #1; San Diego #2, Dodgers hold #3 position; Atlanta #4, Seattle #5. The Cards are listed at #12 according to my source.
..Would let YOUR son chase his dream in the minors?
..hopes are bubbling up @ St Louis U..the Billikens are 22-8 in the Atlantic-10 conference. The Bills are assembling some impressive credentials…win @ Rhode Island; 2 very tight losses to Dayton (currently 28-2 & rated #3 in the USA)-one in OT. The Bills now have a youthful, talented top 5…with another sharpshooting Frosh (Gibson Jimerson)out all year due to injury. Jr Javonte Perkins emergence as a strong perimeter shooter has been vital: Jr Justin Goodwins slashing & mid-range game, Jr Hasahn French’s strong 1 on 1 inside game; the athleticism of Fr Terrance Hargrove and the solid play of Frosh Pt Guard Yuri Collins. Collins’ doesn’t need to score to make contributions to the overall game plan. This club now has depth, balance and more than 1 scorer. I’m not predicting an NCAA championship…or even a berth…. it’s the best Billiken team since 2011-12 Rick Majerus team that went to the NCAA.
….this will break the heart of many of you…trouble is bubbling up in New England. Bilicheat doesn’t want to offer Brady a 2-year contract… maybe not even a 1 year deal!! Brady wants that 2 year guarantee. Maybe this dynamic duo will be parting ways? Personally, I agree with Coach….Brady has no escape ability when rushed, weak arm, brilliant mind..so…. bye-bye.
….under the surface…but still bubbling up…at least partially….there is still unrest in the MLB about the Houston Asterisks …I’m thinking that those players may get worn down by the constant barrage and at least 1 of them will “lose it” sometime during late July or August.
…I realize that interest is still bubbling up very high for the BattleHawks….but…I would have preferred NOT to open the upper deck….at least NOT yet….see how it looks in a month…or open it up for the playoffs…if they reach that level. I’d rather have people clamoring for seats.
…. early bubbling up..or down… in Jupiter….some observations…..veteran backup inf/OF Brad Miller (6 years—9th team) has been seen often in games…puzzler to me?… why a 30 year old backup vet with all the young “hot prospects” in the system?…CF battle between Harrison Bader & Lane Thomas will come down to …who can HIT! Bader can hit a bit less with his scintillating speed & defense….bullpen closer role? Ryan Helsley appears to be on a higher level than Jr Fernandez …Fowler looks disinterested….Alex Reyes is no longer a fire-balling pitcher–he’s a breaking ball pitcher..ugh!…Daniel Ponce DeLeon is looking sharp but he IS 29 years old..if not now….When?…. Both Gant & Brebbia were terrific in 1st half last season with lots of use… then each fell off badly in 2nd half…sometimes arms don’t ever really recover from over-use…watch each closely. Martinez IS pitching like an ACE.
…with excitement still bubbling up @ Mizzou over new coach, one has to look at what the experts say about the recruiting class of new HC Drinkwitz. Mizzou’s National Rank: 50; Previous Year-37; next year-46. SEC rank-13. These numbers alone aren’t real significant… but…they do show the opinions of those of follow the NCAA-F game closely.
..listed by an MLB expert under the TOP 10 spring training surprises–”Adam Wainwright has had an excellent spring, and that’s good for the Cardinals and for all of baseball. This spring has offered hope that the 36-year-old RHP can still pitch at a high level after a season in which his elbow ached and his ERA soared to a career-high 5.11. With his elbow sound, he’s throwing his curve from multiple angles and locations. One of baseball’s great citizens, Wainwright knows he has far more yesterdays than tomorrows, but he has offered us all hope that he’s got another good run left in him.” Cool! Go Waino!
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