Sports Zoom Mtg-MLB,NCAA,XFL

Thx for clicking “like” so that I can have a better count of readers. These blogs have over 7000 readers since Jan 1. Thank You! The corona virus turned our normal-everyday world upside down. Many of our discussions have now been electronically-like using zoom. Same is true in the sports world….but we were privy to hearing some of the discussions on the MLB, NCAA & XFL thru zoom meetings moderated by BNR…..
…our 1st topic comes from the MLB….the MLB & the MLB Players Union were in talks about the 2020 season…Our 1st zoom discussion is between some who support the MLB owners & some who support the players. While It’s tough for many of us to feel any pity..for either group…a fight between millionaires & billionaires….it just doesn’t raise much empathy. Some….maybe… many…would say…just let ‘em go on fighting…..True…but…both parties DO have a lot at stake…Nonetheless, let’s listen in on the discussion–from one of the owners boosters zoom box comes the explanation of the possible loss of a multi-billion dollars of franchise equity as season is sliced or eliminated. Another pro-owner speaker says from his zoom box that missing half the season MAY cause casual fans to lose interest for a long time or even permanently. From a totally different zoom box, a person supporting the players, the point is raised that while players are handsomely paid each year, they DO have limited years of top level performance & top pay. He continues while’ the average pay of an MLB player is $4m+/year so that ANY person would find it tough to watch it float away. He points out that all players (except the real super stars) realize that they have a small window to “make” it…..losing a season of prime time earnings can not be replaced in most cases. Another player’s zoom box points out that when they DO return to full action in 2021, the players will be a year older and many of the veterans, especially after this long layoff and shortened season… are probably a bit slower due to the aging process. An agitated voice from a supporter of owners makes the point that television revenue generates most of their revenue anyway, so let’s work around that as the basis. He suggests playing in empty stadiums & televising it. Then, from a players zoom box, it was asked,”just how many games can be crammed into a short period of time. That would be very, very hard on their bodies..if not this year…then down the road”. At this point, BNR steps into the fray…with a solid voice, saying,”To me…playing in empty stadium stinks! I remember as a young boy watching a TV show called “HR Derby”. Two Major League players competed in a 9 inning game. Anything hit other than a HR was an out. The game lasted 9 innings… without any fans, it became boring to me …and in a hurry. It seems to me that the same would happen in a regular game in my view. The fans often generate as much enthusiasm for the folks @ home as the players do with their terrific plays”. BNR contined…Tentatively start the games in mid July—play exactly one-half of a season. Play 10 games against each of your division teams and 4 games vs all other NL teams. That equals 80 games, in addition play 1 game vs your AL rival. In order to cut down on travel(attempting to stay safe), each series vs your division would be 5 games & vs other NL teams-4 game series. Then play the full playoff schedule at the usual time slot.
….in another zoom discussion, one set of boxes belonged to the backers of NCAA officials and another set to supporters of the NCAA Athletic Directors & Coaches….the 1st topic touched on eligibility of current Seniors since the vast majority of their final season was wiped out. ….several of the Coaches boxes yelled that it was unfair to those Seniors to lose a season…that they had worked so hard…it was “their time…etc. Another coaches box spoke out that “additional scholarships will have to be allocated for next year. NCAA boxes immediately lit as those officials backers were concerned about precedent. From an NCAA box , with a snarky tone, he wondered out loud about the schools that want that extra year for their seniors….maybe…maybe… they are loaded with seniors and 2020 was to be THE year. Another NCAA box spoke out, he thought that it was likely, that 5th year seniors would become grad students to maintain their eligibility for another season and the concern that these spring “grad students” would attend class in the fall but not in the spring(as the 1 & done basketball players have been doing for years). It would really make the “Graduate education” a sham of the process …. some…maybe… many… were only going back to play ball…NOT get a graduate degree. Back & forth it went with the same arguments being regurgitated over & over again…. Finally…it seemed… BNR took the mic…..He said, ”while both sides are passionate and make some very good points about adding, or not adding, a year of eligibility so that THOSE Seniors can return & play…what does it do to the current Juniors who would be Seniors next year. No matter how you slice it, someone will get screwed on the deal. Pick your poison… this year’s seniors or next years? Ms Corona Virus wins”
….the next Zoom discussion centered on the XFL and the BattleHawks…the kaw-kaw is gone from the Lou…and the entire league. There were a constant blasts of comments from the entire spectrum of zoom boxes…here’s a few…
…we loved the pre-game & game atmosphere @ the Dome…it was great!
…the KO’s are SO much better …it’s not the NFL but it’s entertaining
…the QB couldn’t throw deep … running clock really kept the game moving
…choice of Extra points was cool ….winning made it more fun
…..The shouting continued…and continued…mostly in favor of the StL XFL experience but enough dissents to make it interesting
…finally BNR raised his arms, “Enough”…..let’s look @ some facts & some conjectures…
…..Vince McMahon is the ultimate control freak!
…..Minor League sports of all kinds are struggling in the USA now, so McMahon knew that it wouldn’t make it..
…..Both XFL attempts funded by McMahon have failed as a 2nd league as he has demonstrated little… if any .. patience or ability into developing a long-term league
…It seems to me to be that the league centered completely around Vince McMahon…. the Barnum & Bailey of our generation……it wasn’t for money…he’s reportedly worth $3.2B….the only reason that I see for McMahon starting this league again is to find 4 strong cities(support the team, good venue, good TV numbers, sponsorships)….then–offer to bring all 4 teams en masse into the NFL (like the AFL did back in the 60’s). Then Mr. McMahon would gradually..over time.. work to become a major player of the NFL (since he’d own 4 teams). The NFL IS the ultimate entertainment business of the USA. McMahon’s ego drives him to be in total control of the biggest & the best. As the virus struck,the only city that was doing very well was St Louis… & he knew the NFL’s feeling about the Lou…so it was …bye-bye league.
…with that all the zoom boxes were buzzing…many were discrediting the idea as foolish, others gave it credit as they thought of McMahon’s take over of professional wrestling…first the local wrestling venues were pushed out by him. Then McMahon alone controls the national stage of wrestling… some thought it was pure poppycock…. With that BNR turned off the zoom boxes, it was over ..Oh…who’s this BNR?… he’s BN Real!
Thx so much for this read….it’s way out of the norm…I did receive many comments last week about the blog—Thank You! Many including MLB- StL players that I missed….thanks for sending me the notes. I’m anxious to hear many of your thoughts on MLB, NCAA & XFL or ANY other sports topic… .take care—stay safe!

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