Yadi opens door

More & more doors are being opened in our world now as the corona virus loses a bit of its grip on the world & society. In the Cardinals world, another door just opened.
… stating in 2017, after he’d signed a $60m extension through 2020, it would most likely be the final contract of his playing career . Now, Yadi has changed his mind as the final season of that contract will begin….eventually. His attitude on the longevity of his playing days had changed since 2017. Now, He didn’t think he was quite finished yet and that he would NOW be open to playing for another MLB team in 2021 if he doesn’t get his desired offer from the Cardinals. He claims that the corona virus has changed everything for him….well…it has changed many things….but not everything….
….in his 16 seasons prior to this season, he’s earned just under $155m
…..Yadi claims that the corona virus led him to this decision…that’s “mumbo-jumbo speak” for … I won’t get my full salary this year. Soooo? Surely, you aren’t living paycheck to paycheck? **see lifetime salary above
….he lists his age as 37 (38 in July)..I’m always skeptical of any Latin American players age..I’d lie too about my age to get signed and escape many of those poverty-ridden countries.
….last season he missed almost a month due to an extended injury. This led to him playing his 2nd fewest games since his rookie season—113 games.
…since 1950, he would be 1 of only 4 Cardinals to have spent their entire career (min 10 years) with the Cards—Stan Musial 22 years; Bob Gibson 17 years; Tom Pagnozzi-12 years—Mike Shannon played 9 years
…Yadi currently is high on the Cardinal Leader List—Currently he’s 7th in hits(just passed Ozzie) and just 110 hits behind #4 Albert; he’s 9th in Cards All-Time RBI’s with 7th spot in RBI’s only 17 ribbies away; he’s also in a couple other categories but slim chance of moving up.
We don’t know if that really means anything to him?!
…..right off the bat, one has to think that it’s a money gambit. Yadi wants another huge contract. Maybe, he doesn’t see a threat to his job. I would think that the Cards may be open to an incentive laden contract with a lower base but not another 2 year deal w/o incentives.
…maybe, he feels that he’s the “leader” of this team and that the team won’t replace him
…maybe…he doesn’t see the Cardinals as a League Front-runner any longer. Possibly, he wants more of an opportunity with a team that has a higher chance of a deep playoff run
… At his age, things HAVE changed…
….Increased injures along with longer time to recover are a definite consideration.
….His batting seems to have remained constant with seemingly improvement in “contact” with runners on base and he has become a skilled “sac fly” man. However, Yadi grounded into 14 double plays last year in 113 games. That’s one every 8 games.
….Defensively, he’s been gifted by the local scorekeepers over the past couple years on the many pitches low and away that he fails to shuffle his feet and it goes under his backhanded glove. It’s ruled a “wild pitch”. He was officially listed with 4 Passed Balls & 31 wild pitches last year. Does that ratio seem out of kilter to you?
…..His throwing has slipped. In 2019, his caught stealing % as a catcher was 27% . By comparison, his backup, Matt Wieters was 42% at throwing out runners trying to steal.
…Yadi has been adored by the StL fans. Their admiration was at the highest zenith that one could possibly hope to receive…but….fans had bought into the idea that Yadi was a true “one love”—Cardinals player. With this announcement, many may see him as just another mercenary who can’t live on $150m….did you say Albert? I believe that there has been some fans having a change of heart already…not all fans… but some. StL has seen this play out previously—in 96, Ozzie didn’t want to step aside for Royce Clayton and distanced himself from the team for awhile. In 2011, Pujols went public with the “low ball” Card offer…which guaranteed that he wasn’t coming back. Yadi has indicated that he’ll give the Cardinals the first chance. My offer would be $10m + incentives for games played, plate appearances, OBP% or other categories. If Yadi doesn’t like that approach, open the door a bit wider for him & wave goodbye. I’ve learned in life that EVERYONE is replaceable (maybe the first time I saw it was in the Army)—maybe not in exactly the same way…but replaceable.
…Another place that the door was open is the NFL Draft. This year…as always….I watched some of the 1st round…I enjoyed it more than usual…..it seemed to move quicker than in the past (a good thing—we don’t need to see all the parental hugs, high 5’s, shaking hands with multiple folks, pictures for 5 minutes, putting on the hat & posing—over & over & over again). The professional side of the draft doesn’t interest me(why should it?)…the college side DOES. The #1 ranked college team, LSU, had FIVE 1st round picks and 9 in the top 100 choices. Alabama had 4 -1st rounder’s & Ohio State saw 3 Buckeyes drafted in round 1 (7 in top 100). Moral of the story….the highly successful coaches have the best athletes….they aren’t necessarily the best “on the field” coaches.
…. Opening the door to his 1st SEC season, Coach Drinkwitz @ Mizzou as started recruiting. I luv his approach….1st) recruiting StL & MO hard….once players sign, they are urged to touch base & stay in touch with other StL Mizzou recruits. It makes them feel like a team prior to arriving @ CoMO 2) Coaches are assigned areas & recruit that area for all positions. That’s an ol’ school approach….let the coach establish relationships with the HS coaches. Most recently, the coaches recruited by position—no matter where they were located. Coach Drink is young, enthusiastic and hard working…..I’m looking for better things @ Mizzou.
…NFL draft hangover… 4 QB observations—1) I was intrigued that Cincinnati, who drafted Joe Burrows-LSU QB 1st overall, already released long time starting QB Andy Dalton (70–61–2 in career). That move takes away the debate about switching QB’s if Burrows has a bump or 3 as a rookie.2) I would not have drafted Tua Tagovailoa that high in the draft. Sure he can throw deep with uncanny accuracy but he’s been injured 3x in college. Some players are more brittle than others…think that’s true with T2. 3) Last year I was down on Drew Lock due to his slow feet….well, the Broncos must have lit fires under his feet in training camp when he dropped back…he moved in quick short steps for Denver last year and now appears to be on the way to a quality career.4) Kelly Bryant was undrafted…seemed to shock some…he is an athlete (probably should have been a WR) who can run well but he has an average arm and his decision-making skills aren’t of the highest level.
….When MLB does begin action in 2020….watch closely—who will have changed the most—the older veterans who’ve lost just a bit physically or the younger guys who needed more repetitions to upgrade their skills….and of course…don’t forget the entire Astros scene… the retaliation’s have NOT taken place ….yet!  Anxious to read your thoughts on Yadi on http://www.Prepcasts.com, my Facebook page or in an email to me (I’ll assume that I can publish your notes using only your initials)

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