Waiting to Watch the Streaking!

Several decades ago, streaking in prominent places was a “thing”. I’m not holding my breath for that type of streaking but streaking in the sports world always takes place for the big winners and sadly.. for the big losers. We’re all watching & hoping to see it begin soon……
…the Olympics has some real streaks. The USA 4×100 medley relay team won its 15th straight (that’s all of them in 4x100medley) Gold medal. Their win was a world record. Caeleb Dressel (USA) streaked to 5 Gold medals in Swimming. He joins some famous, familiar swimming names with his fivesome medal Olympics–Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz and Matt Biondi. 
…the longest individual streak for gold medals is 4 Olympics. They are: USA discus star, Al Oerter in 1956,60,64 & 68. Carl Lewis in the long jump in 1984,88, 92, 96.  Swimmer Michael Phelps in the 200m individual medley in 2004, 08, 12 & 16. Amazing!
….The Cardinals are 9-7 since the All-Star break. Coming up on their scheduled is probably the softest part of their schedule..after this game tonight (Thru)vs Atlanta there are 3 against KC then road series in Pittsburgh & another KC series. Cards fans are waiting for the ”streaking” to begin!
…at the trading deadline, teams clearly “showed their hand” towards streaking or walking slowly towards the playoffs by the type of trades employed. The LA Dodgers, already a powerhouse, are looking to streak to the Series as they bring in Max Scherzer but more importantly, Trea Turner, from Washington. The Dodgers get the short term, post-season pitcher that all playoff teams need and young star at the highest level in Turner. Turner holds a lifetime .300 average, and a .842 OPS- and already is a real All-Star. Now…. Turner is a free agent at the end of the year soooo….I suppose Washington knew that they weren’t going to sign him thus they got something for him before he walked. Clearly the Dodgers are set to streak through the playoffs.
….Jack Flaherty will be returning shortly for the Cards. They need him to “nail together” a winning streak His 8-1 record is clearly the best on the team with batters hitting a low .196 average against him…without him, the Cards are 45-52 buried in 4th place. With Flaherty returning and the acquisition of Scherzer(proposed last week), I felt that the Cards held two high quality starters for the playoff run.
…with the shift of Texas & OU to the SEC, don’t think that it’ll stop there. While Athletic Directors are assessing the situation currently, expect other prominent programs to streak a) towards the  SEC or b) form a new super conference from the Big 10, Big 12, ACC, Pac 10 schools. I think when the dust has cleared there will be 2…maybe 3…super conferences(not 5 conferences like now). The others will be hostage to forming far less significant conferences. The teams with the quickest feet to start streaking are Clemson & Florida State. We’ve only seen the beginning of the “streaking” of the football schools.
…who has the longest winning streak in MLB 2021? After losing their first 6 games, 3 days later, Oakland began a 13 game winning streak. This year, the Cards longest win “streak” is 4 games.
…of course, there are some streaks that make you cringe….ya know…Buffalo Bills streak of 4 losses in super Bowl w/o a win; in 1988 Orioles lost 21 straight games…and they were the FIRST 21 games of the year!; Phillies lost 23 straight with 8 of the losses by a single run in 1961! Of course, there’s the  St Louis Football Cardinals—28 years in the Lou with 0 league championships & 0 conference titles!
…the longest batting streak in the MLB  in 2021 belongs to David Fletcher (LA Angels)-26 games. He’s a 27 year old 3b batting .302 this year. Behind him is Nick Castellanos (Cincy)-21 games. The list continues with Raimel Tapia (Col)-18 games & Jose Altuve at 17 games. If the MLB REALLY wanted to raise averages, ONE way would be to highlight batting streaks and less about the Home Runs. Right now, players know that streaking towards the “long ball” earns them far more money than getting on base often. Adding more value (higher salaries) to OB% , Hitting Streaks or Hits may induce some players into batting more for “average” instead of the strikeout/home run swing. MONEY TALKS.
…it’s not a streak but…the USMNT upended Mexico in the ConcaCaf 1-0 when Miles Robinson extra-time goal in the 117th minute gained this title for the 7th time in USA history with the last crown being worn in 2017. To no one’s surprise, the USA scored off of a “set piece” for the winning goal. Neither team had a full complement of their best players as many of the better players were preparing for their upcoming European Club seasons. Throughout much of the match, Mexico controlled the possessions (especially early) with the USA counter-attacking. The depth of the USA seemed to “even” things a bit as the heat of Las Vegas took its toll. Clearly this Vegas crowd supported heavily the Mexican team. Btw…if you’re like me, I didn’t know what ConcaCaf stands for…it’s the Confederation of North America, Central America and Caribbean Association founded in 1961. 
…Meanwhile the Cards continue their streak of “aging” by adding several senior citizen pitchers—Jon Lester and JA Happ. Their roster now has 8 pitchers 33 years of age or older! I don’t see guys that age streaking anyplace! That was a clear signal to the fans that Cards management isn’t trying to “streak” this season. 
…Well, my streaking has ended…I’m taking a week off…I’ll be back in 2 weeks. As always, thanks for the read! Make sure to send YOUR thoughts (I’ll print with your initials)…yes…you can agree ord disagree (doesn’t matter) with me 😊  Send to my email rjryansr@charter.net or  post on Bob Ryan Facebook or on my web page http://www.bobryansportsblog.com  

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