Whoa Nelly!

“Whoa Nelly” was an expression used by college football announcer, Keith Jackson. It had several interpretations….momentum is building or it can’t be stopped; or a SUDDEN abrupt ending to a play/drive; or something out of the usual. Jackson was the premier pbp college football announcer in the 70’s & 80’s along with Dick Edberg. Ironically, they both died within 3 weeks of each other. Let’s look at some of our own ”Whoa Nellies”…
…Whoa Nelly! It just didn’t sound right? The sudden withdrawal by American Olympic star, Simone Biles, just didn’t sound right to me. She was lauded as one of the greatest gymnasts of all-time. She had dominated in her 8 years of competition as she won numerous medals (including Olympic medals)…and now she withdraws from competition?! From what I’m reading, a report issued by the Olympic committee came back with some unusual numbers for Biles. According to the report, there were alarmingly high levels of cannabinoids present in her blood. Cannabinoids are a compound normally associated with marijuana use, but Simone’s team asserts that she has never once partaken of marijuana and instead attributes the high levels to her use of CBD. It is a common CBD oil taken by many pro athletes, but the Olympic Committee is considering banning its use for 2 big reasons: 1. It has been clinically proven to make athletes 83% more focused on average, making it unfair to those who don’t use it. 2. This CBD product relieves joint pain for veteran athletes. The Olympic Committee considers the rejuvenating effects to be a “cheat” as it gives an unfair edge. Sooo…maybe Biles didn’t want to face that issue.
……Whoa Nelly! Does anyone think that only the Cards have injuries to key players? While the Cards beat the Reds in 2 different series 2 games to 1brought joy to STL. The Cincy Reds missed their star slugger, Jesse Winker, for nearly a month, including all these vital games, due to an intercostal strain. It’d be like the Cards losing Arenado or Goldschmidt for a month. Winker has a .271 avg, 24 HR, 71 rbi’s with a slugging % of .560 and an OPS of .955. By comparison, Arenado carries a .255 batting mark, 96 rbi’s, 289 avg and OPS of .811. Goldschmidt’s numbers look like this: .283, 24 HR, 82 rbi’s, slug-518 OPS-.832. I understand…it’s part of the game…but “timing” is everything.
… Whoa Nelly! What do the schedules tell you? The Cards have “come alive” at exactly the right time. Some GREAT defense has been the ingredient that’s been mixed in with hitting from the 3-4-5 spots of the order. I must say though….the NY Mets looked didn’t look anything like a contending team. Bullpen seemed very weak, players didn’t seem to have energy, defense only average MLB level.
….Whoa Nelly! Anyone who thought Texas & OU would march right into the SEC and dominate better take a deeeep, long breath after last weekend. The Texas Longhorns got mauled by the Arkansas Razorbacks 40-21. Definitely this loss puts a new wrinkle into the works…maybe OU & Texas really aren’t that good! Arkansas dominated the game—333 rushing yards while Texas had 256 TOTAL yards. The Longhorns QB , Hudson Card, was pressured on almost every play…even when Arkansas wasn’t blitzing! The Texas’ stats tell the story–118 passing yards,138 rushing yards and 4 of 13 on 3rd down. This was an Arkansas team that went 3-7 last year in the SEC while Texas was picked to win the Big 12.
….Whoa Nelly! Are the Cardinals racing forward to snatch the 2nd playoff spot? Well…the Cards are 6-4 in their last 10 games while Cincy (see above), Phillies, and Padres have gone 3-7 during their last 10.
….Whoa Nelly! Did we jump on “Drink” (Eli Drinkwitz) bandwagon too quickly? Once again the Tigers were beaten in the line by a staunch Kentucky line 35-28. The Wildcats outgained the Tigers 519-398 in this contest. Drink has been entertaining, has clever quips, interesting offense but ya gotta win. football games! Oh…and playing SEMO this week…doesn’t do much for you or the team.
…Whoa Nelly! So…where do the Cards go in winter 2021? From the play of the last month, it sure appears that the Cards have their 2022 outfield settled. SS becomes the focal point of interest offensively. Tommy Edman would be my 1st candidate @SS while looking long & hard at Nolan Gorman as the daily 2b. Starting pitching must be addressed — Did you say Max Scherzer? …Further, a legitimate, experienced closer things could change things a lot in a hurry. Further, a reevaluation about bullpen usage should be seriously studied. Our bullpen is “shot” physically. The continual use of 5 pitchers/ game =starter 5 inn and 4 relievers 1 inning each can’t last successfully for a complete season. That’s not the fault of the pitchers. Relief pitchers CAN pitch 2 innings and/or Starters 6-7-or even, heaven forbid 8 or 9 innings. With some clearance in our payroll –Carpenter ($18.5m), Andrew Miller ($12m), Carlos Martinez ($11.7m) which takes #$40m off the payroll and provides some options. Meanwhile, Nolan Arendado comes ONTO the books after Colorado paid for 2021. His salary is $35m for 2022. The $17m/year for 2 seasons still remains for Miles Mikolas (did he really look that GOOD?). I am not a Trevor Story “man” right now. We NEED starting pitching and a proven closer.
…Whoa Nelly! Was that really Aaron Rogers @ QB for the Packers? The Packers were pummeled by the Saints. Of the 4 GB QB on the field that day, he had the worst stats. He looked…hate to say it…”old”.
,,,Whoa Nelly! Why does anyone think that coaching in the NFL is the same as college? To the surprise of almost no one, Urban Meyer is facing the usual hurdles that a college coach faces as he steps up to the pro game. One NFL insider reported that Meyer has become “unhinged” at times. There have been repeated issues with other coaches and players due to Meyer’s temper and lack of familiarity with the NFL style. He’s rubbed coaches & players the wrong way. His fiery remarks after games have already struck many as “bizzarre” NFL behavior. Already rumors having him jumping back to NCAA @ USC. I wouldn’t be surprised…but not this soon. Remember, the premier college coach of the 50’s & 60’s, Bud Wilkinson, lasted only 2 years in the NFL. (Both losing seasons)
….Who Nelly…suddenly the Cards look sharp up the middle with Sosa & Edman. The Outfield is settled and the 3-4-5 batters are providing some punch. We need a CLOSER and a reliable STARTER in ’22.
…Whoa Nelly! Where did our time go? Thanks for the read…you may find all my blogs on http://www.bobryansportsblog.com and/or read comments(maybe from you) on my Facebook page. Bob

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