Kroenke fumbles…then Punts

One of the biggest villains in St Louis’ sports history is Stan Kroenke. Named after the greatest Cardinal of all time, Kroenke’s name generally receives scornful looks & unrepeatable words. But now….he’s fumbled (big time) and is trying to punt it away!
…. In 2016, when Kroenke made the determination that LA would be a better place for his football team. He basically packed up shop and left but not without ramifications. His claim was that the relocation guidelines had not been followed the St Louis. Hence, the move was justified. Kroenke’s move was viewed by most Americans as just another NFL “move” for more money.
…. St Louis felt betrayed. They had fulfilled all of his requests-primarily a new stadium. Greedy Stan coveted even MORE money than the Lou could provide. Soooo….to wiggle out of the legal responsibilities, Stan & his army of lawyers, based their justification for “moving” because St Louis had not fulfilled all of the “relocation guidelines”. Further, on the way out, swinish Stan, blasted the city with stinging remarks. Kroenke called St Louis a “struggling place where the population isn’t projected to grow. “No NFL club would be interested” in the city’s plan for a new stadium, the application adding later, “The public contribution is only $355 million.” He wanted a $1B stadium plan. He surely fumbled his way out of town.
…. Kroenke, no doubt, realized that he’d be sued by the City. He assured all the other NFL owners that he’d handle the indemnification agreement. He’d pay for any legal troubles that arose from the move. That was a very important part of the agreement. Most, if not all, the owners realized that StL would sue to keep their team.
….Fast forward to 5 years later (2021), St Louis assembled a terrific, talented team of lawyers to challenge the move. Using tapes & recording from years ago, this team found that the league, and many owners, didn’t feel that the “relocation guidelines” were binding. Several tapes proved their point. The City is suing for billions…not millions.. of dollars from the league & Kroenke.
…the attempts by Kroenke’s lawyers to move the trial out of St Louis for various reasons was rejected by the Supreme Court. As the trial has unfolded, a new issue has come up. A visibly angry St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Christopher McGraugh has agreed with the StL lawyers that Kroenke AND the NFL could be sued for the move (since the league voted to approve the move). Judge McGraugh ruled that the relocation guidelines should be viewed as an agreement that can produce a breach of contract claim if broken. The highly talented corp of StL lawyer have continued to beat Stan & the NFL. The amount being mentioned is in the billions. Stan’s fumble is going to cost more than a 1st down 😊
… Stan punts it….he indicates to the other league owners that he’s no longer SOLELY responsible for this suit and that he expects the other owners to support him (financially) in this battle. This has angered and split the NFL owners. Attorney and sports legal analyst Daniel Wallach thinks that “Never in his wildest dreams did Kroenke believe that the league and him personally would be vulnerable to a multi-billion dollar damages award,” Wallach said. “But when you look at the different component parts of the lawsuit, there is a lot of money when you stack up all the different damage calculations and computations. It could wipe out a minimum of half of Stan Kroenke’s net worth. No lawsuit like this has ever gone to a jury in the 40 years of the NFL’s relocation policy from when it was originally crafted in 1984.” By attempting to punt it to the other owners, there was some strong reactions. NY Giants owner, John Mara said,” ‘We wouldn’t have voted for it unless you agreed to cover our tab in respect to legal damages, legal costs, fees, punitive damages, and the entire thing’. Because absent of that indemnification agreement, the ownership group weren’t voting in favor of the relocation. Which means that it either…. did not qualify under the guidelines… or it’s essentially gifting St. Louis their theory of the case in that the NFL did not follow the guidelines or the guidelines did not support the relocation. Either result is not good for the NFL” The owners want to cast Stan out to sea by himself. Isn’t revenge sweet …sometimes!!! Btw…I don’t expect that this case will be settled for many more years.
……oft overlooked are the punting stats of a team. Mizzou, arguably, has the best punt team in SEC. Averaging 42.72 yd/punt and allowing only a SEC best 3.14 yds/return – it’s just a tad under 40 yards net/ punt.
….St Louis U Basketball doesn’t want to punt the season but thy are facing some difficult challenges after the injury to Javonte Perkins. With the graduation of 3 seniors & now Perkins loss, the Bills offense has taken a severe jolt. Averaging 75 ppg last year, the Bills have now lost 61% of their scoring from last year! Further, with 200 total playing minutes/game (5 players-40 min), the Bills now have to replace 101 min/game(1/2) with the graduation & the Perkins injury! WOW!
….who’s fumbled their way through first half of the NFL season? Clearly it’s the KC Chiefs. Now 4-4, Coach Andy Reid faces some new challenges. He has a stable of very fleet footed, but smallish, receivers. His ingenious playbook utilities the speed of this corp with short flips, tosses, etc to get the ball into their hands quickly (basically extended handoffs). Mahomes, has been under pressure from the defensive lines most of the season when throwing longer throws, has a league high 10 interceptions. From my lounge chair observations, Mahomes doesn’t seem poised or confident any longer when the drops back. The defensive rush has him scrambling almost continually and throwing a wider range of “iffy” passes to remain untouched. Coupled with the leaky defense(have allowed 5th most points in the Nearly Forgotten League, the Chiefs often end up in high scoring “shootouts” . Further, the punting game is 27th (32 teams) the Chiefs are still fun to watch…but probably won’t see them playing in January .
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