Two Time Loses

OK….being unbeaten is sensational, losing once tarnishes it a bit but losing twice puts “out of the league” with the greats. It’s true in all phases of our life…
….when Muhammad Ali suffered his 2nd loss of his career to ken Norton—you knew he was on the slide to the end
…no BCS team could make the final Four with 2 losses…just won’t happen (at least until there’s 8 teams  )
…a “date” stands you up once….you may believe (or pretend you believe) her alibi about “running late”…the 2nd time…it’s adios
… if the Lou loses the Rammies, will we have the scarlet letter embossed on us forever !

More on the Stan Saga…
….the NFL is drooling to get a team in LA but California is so broke (thank you Jerry Brown) that they can’t afford to pay for picking up the trash at the new stadium when the game is over….with that in mind…the new owner would have to bear the entire cost of the stadium project …which btw the NFL wants to be more than a stadium…they want it to be a day-long, weekend trip type of Land…no, it’s not Disney Land…it’s Wally’s World
….Stan has the willingness to assume the full cost (with plenty of strings attached)…he’s already moved the project down the road….there isn’t any way that the NFL can turn its back on this lucrative deal with Stan haven driven the cart this far….yea..sure, the NFL owners want more money
…forget that stuff about the NFL a) halting Stan due to Movement regulations; b) Stan being outvoted to prevent him from moving (see last sentence of above). Those regulations are strickly for “show” and for leverage in making an owner do it the way that the NFL wants it done.
…so is the Lou going to be a 2-time loser….don’t think so….San Diego will become the other tenant in Wally’s World and the Raiders draw the short lance. I can’t determine if the Davis family and Stan will swap ownership so that the current roster remains in St Louis and the Oakland roster becomes the new LA Raiders…he’d then own the LA Raiders and the Davis’ the St Louis Rams…I really don’t think it matters to Silent Stan…but then again he hasn’t shared much with me at the water cooler lately.
…Hopefully, the St Louis contingent working on the Stadium will get NFL assurances that we’ll have a team prior to their Hercules’ efforts to find ways to pay for this new addition.

Bob in a Hurry Section…
Why does the NFL run those ads to the public about Abuse of Women…why don’t they show it every day to the NFL players ?
….I understand that there’s a move afoot to have April 15th declared a Holiday instead of July 4…do you want Independence or Dependence 
…Ernie Banks was the Stan Musial of Chicago. Apparently, a wonderful gentleman during and after his career.
…I see the USA Army now has Women Drill Sargents….I guess we need more nurturing for the troops…just doesn’t seem right to me….as a trainee, it was somewhat entertaining to see flunkies being “addressed” by an unhappy Drill Sargent. Of course, I myself, never had the opportunity to experience the sgt’s wrath in all its fury 
…In the “Why can’t you win Gracefully Arena”….Urban Meyer has a portion of the Buckeye Student Body cheering “We are Worthy” after winning the Championship in response to the experts claiming that Ohio State wasn’t worthy to be the #4 selected team. Doesn’t he understand that those experts MUST take opposite positions on issues to stimulate talk?
…a bit of useless info….the card of the wonderful WrestleMania VI (1990) has seen 1/3 of participants die since that time. By contrast, only 1 of the 44 starters in the NFL Championship Game of 1990 has passed away.
…more useless trivia…Coach K wins 1000 games…only Harry Stathem of McKendree has won more games. Coach K beat Lehigh for his 1st win while at Army 56-29. Can you imagine 29 points by a college team? Were they having jump balls after every basket?
…were my eyes deceiving me or what? In the NBA West, in 1st place is the Golden State Warriors, followed by the LA Clippers! Where are the dominant LA Lakers—looking upward at everyone else’s rear end in the standings with a 12-33 record…ouch.

In the “It’s hard to believe” category…
…After decades of enforcing the 1 child limit per family, the Chinese govt now realizes that it needs more young people. So—believe it or not—their sponsoring a “Sex Exhibition” with devices, toys, chains (I guess)…whatever to promote more sex…that strikes me as about as likely to happen (Chinese promoting sex) as some of the following…
…Mother Theresa losing her temper
…Bill Belicheat playing fair all the time
…the US Govt balancing it’s budget–expenditures = or less than income
…Bill Cosby getting another Family Show
…Popeye giving up spinach
…the TV weatherman stop being a “Disaster Mongers” to all…(it’s the worst this or that…let it go man…we’ve had weather in the USA for centuries)
…as you making to the end of this ramble..

Until later….

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