Turning the Page

The calendar turned the page this weekend…we bounce into September…it usually means that the real, real hot days are behind us. …that the school routine is established….football arrives on the scene on all levels now…..but…there are other people and things …turning the page also..
….the Cards turned the page on their starting rotation as they shipped Mike Leake…along with tons of cash to Seattle…this was a dump…plain and simple…the Cards received a career .240 hitter who plays SS …big deal….they couldn’t just say,” well…we paid Seattle to take him off our hands” …the Cards also sent $17.5m to help towards covering the remaining 3 years of the contract…plus $750,000 in international cap space….so …so much for the real talented international players coming our way…Leake is owed $48m for the next 3 years….it’s really great to find some team that you can “dump on”….1st Marco Gonzalez to Seattle…now Leake…reminds me of how the NYY dumped on the KC Athletics throughout the 50-‘s & 60’s…who do you think that the Yanks got Roger Maris from in a trade?…hey…let us pitch Bowman in about 15 more games this year and we’ll send him to Seattle too after the season with his arm dragging 
….it seems that the NFL turns a page…any page…anyway… anytime ..that they want to do so…the Ezkiel Elliott situation again demonstrates that the NFL seems to predetermine results (e.g. St Louis, San Diego, Oakland) moves….now….I have absolutely no idea what went on between Ezkiel Elliott and Tiffany Thompson. I do know that the NFL appears to have bungled the process….Elliott’s accuser never testified under oath, Roger Dumbnall never personally observed testimony from Elliott or Thompson and the NFL Investigator Kia Roberts, who had recommended NO suspension of Elliott in her report to the NFL, was never called to testify,. Ever since the outlandish Ray Rice assault that the NFL dragged its feet before the public’s outrage demanded action….any accusation that is in the domestic violence arena now seems to require..at the minimum… an immediate 6 game suspension… even without testimony under oath from the two actual adults involved in the situation. Again, I’m not defending Elliott… in this type of deal, my mother-in-law says that there is his side, her side and the truth someplace between…. I don’t have a clue what happened… neither does the NFL 
….btw … Mike Leake turned the page quickly @ Seattle…in his 1st game there…7 inn, 8 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk and 7 strikeouts + a 3-2 win
…ugh…coughing…I’m finally getting over drinking my Zou-aid….that non-win…as Benjamin Hochman called it…was extremely disappointing….sure the Tigers won 72-43 with 800+ yards….but…they did it over a team that didn’t have ONE player that Mizzou wanted or recruited…many of the 500+ passing yards were short, quick passes that the WR outran the defenders for huge gains…my 7 wins prediction looks weak now….guess that Zou-aid got to me and I turned the wrong page 
….despite the calendar turning 12 pages, the St Louis Cardinals remain with the 2nd highest attendance in the entire MLB…only the LA Dodgers are higher… as of Sep 1….LA is at 45,907/game while Cards are at 45,589. Amazingly, the lowly SF Giants are in 3rd spot in attendance despite being in last place in the standings with 41,092. Rounding out the top 5 teams in MLB attendance–#4-NY Yankees, #5 Toronto Blue Jays.
…turning to the page of “putting your money where your mouth is”….Iowa Football Coach Kirk Ferentz voluntarily took a $50,000 pay cut …granted that’s only about 1% of his salary…at any rate, he did so with the assurances that the “cut” money would used to hire another football coach. It will go toward the hiring of Kevin Spencer…former, experienced NFL assistant..who will become the quality control assistant @ Iowa.
…let’s see if I’m understanding the MO explanation…the Cardinals are still trying to contend in this race…by bringing up our minor leaguers who are so talented…huh? … if they were that ‘talented” ..where were they all year….we’ve got just 28 games left…sounds like poppycock to me…he’s turned the page to next year already.
Turning some quick pages on the StL High school scene…
…after winning a State Championship @ CBC in the 90’s….working to turn the page at St. Dominic HS girls tennis is Mark Borst, who has his club off to a quick 3-0 start.
…I’ve seen high batting averages many times…but Abby Frankenreiter (Lutheran South) is 19 of 22 to start the season..that’s an .864 average…that’s really turning the page to a different level
…surprise HS football team of the area through 3 weeks are the 3-0 Lindbergh Flyers who knocked off the always highly ranked Hazelwood Central Hawks 42-26
…best late comeback of Friday night….after Summit snatched a 30-14 lead late in the 3rd quarter, the Fox Warriors scored 22 unanswered points to grab a 36-30 lead…Summit’s Danny Hopkins caught a 21 yard pass with only 56 seconds left and with the Blake Cisneros PAT..the Falcons won 37-36
…after seeing scores like 57-0, 49-0, 45-0, 53-0 in HS football games this weekend, I wish the STATE would turn the page on their policy….similar to baseball’s 10 run rule…I propose that if you fall behind by 40 points at any time in the 2nd half…the game is over..period…what’s the point of playing…sure ..I know the arguments..gives lesser players a chance to play…hey…that’s why you have JV or B games.. continue using the current running clock once ahead by 28 but by itself this policy doesn’t do the trick…look at the scores around the STATE.
…I’ve felt like the Cardinals have lost several games due to poor defense…when I turned to the page of the 2017 Fielding records…the Cardinals were 14th in the MLB in errors….right in the middle… I KNOW that Cards aren’t a good fielding team but if they are in the middle of the pack….man….the vast majority of the teams must really stink defensively
…the Detroit Tigers began turning the page on their roster as they moved Justin Verlander to Houston….this would be like the Cardinals trading away Wainwright…Verlander was a 13 year vet and had spent his entire career @ Detroit…his lifetime record of 183-114, 2373 strikeouts, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young winner, 2x-2nd in Cy young voting, 3rd another time, league MVP …it has been a terrific career…probably not good enough to be in the HOF but…surely a career that the Tigers fans will remember for a long time….this is only the beginning for the Tigers of turning the page…Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Ian Kinsler are all aging stars that will soon have to be “moved” also.
…the Astros turned the page in a different direction with the Verlander trade…they now have Dallas Keuchel, Justin Verlander and Lance McCullers as their top 3 in their rotation for the playoffs… this has become the “norm” for playoff teams…go out and strengthen yourself for THIS playoff run with a late, key acquisition…who knows…you may not be there next year
…despite his numbers…I really feel that Lance Lynn is ready to turn the page and won’t be resigned by the Cards….I sense…strictly a personal feeling…that he isn’t real happy here…that even if the Cards match his best offer…he won’t come back…and I don’t see StL bucking up big time with all their “heralded”, untested, inexpensive arms of the minor leagues ready for action.
….some pages just don’t seem to turn….it looks like the Eastern Div of the Big 10 has the same trio of powerhouse teams with Ohio St, Michigan and Penn State that were there in 2016 …and again.. Wisconsin is the favorite to win the West….on the other end….similarly to Mizzou….the Illini are picked to be the doormat of the West. Let’s hope that it isn’t that clear cut ….I like surprises.
…with around 28 games remaining in the season, is anyone hoping that Albert’s Angels make it to the wild card? The Halos are only 1.5 games behind Minnesota….I’m not hoping “against “ the Twinkies since they demonstrate that with prudent management and evaluation, you can compete..they’ve won 3 more games than the Cardinals…but…poor Albert has suffered enough…give him one more opportunity in the spotlight.
…so with his arm dragging below his knees, Kevin Siegrest, who has been in 148 games in the years of 2015-2016 seasons is designated for assignment…PC for released….this move comes shortly after Leake is shipped out….so…..why wait until September?….easy…they are pushed out by the surge of inexpensive minor league players that reach the MLB on Sep 1 as roster expands to a 40 man roster … although he doesn’t have enough time to qualify for pension…I think it’s 5 years and Siegrest is a month short as of now.. he did earn $3.1m since 2013…he was NEVER the same after being used 84 games in 2015…man…I’m sure some team will give him a “look-see”..maybe …he can get that extra month of being on a roster to qualify for the tremendous MLB pension.
….turning to the page of usage of Cardinal relief pitchers in Manifesto’s regime….checking the usage of the top relievers in appearances on August 31…
2012 Mitchell Boggs-78g+9 post season; Marc Repzynski-70+ 5 post-season games; Jason Motte-67+ 6 post season games; Fernando Salas-65 g+ 5 post- season games
2013-Trevor Rosenthal-74+10 post-season; Seth Maness-66 g+9 post season; Edward Mujica-65g+ 2 post season; Randy Choate-64+ 9 post season games
2014–Seth Maness-73 g+ 6 post season; Trevor Rosenthal– 72 games+ 4 post-season, Pat Neshek-71 +10 post season games, Randy Choate-61+ 5 post season games
2015—Kevin Siegrest-81 g+ 3 post season games; Seth Maness-76+ 2 post season; Randy Choate-71; Trevor Rosenthal-68+2 post season games
2016—Seung Hwan-oh-76; Kevin Siegrest-67; Jonathan Broxton-66; Matthew Bowman-59
2017–Matt Bowman-65; Brett Cecil-63; Seung Hwan-oh-57; Trevor Rosenthal-50; Kevin Siegrest-39
….Some ugly results of this type of usage…
Maness…232 games in 2013-15, after missing many games in 2016 due to his arm….he underwent a new type of Tommy John surgery after being released in December 2016…KC kept him for 8 games and released him early 2017
Boggs…after pitching 87 games in 2012….he dropped significantly in performance in 2013..which was his last year of MLB pitching
Siegrest…151 games in 2015-16…arm issues in 2017…kleenexed him (use em…throw em away)
Rosenthal….230 games in 3 years (13-14-15)…arm issues began last year(16) and seem to have worsened this year (nevertheless he’s been in 95 games in 16-17)
Choate’s career ended after 2015…after pitching in 152 games in 2 years
Oh-133 games in 2016-2017…Al Hraboski has mentioned about him on the air that ”he’s being used more than he is accustom to”
…..Looking at some HOF…or soon to be HOF relievers…. Bruce Sutter pitched more than 60 games in a season ONCE (1963—again with the Cards)….he pitched between 50-59 games-3x-in his 12 year career. Lee Smith’s highest total of games was 72 and 10 years later he pitched 70 games… all those years in-between he pitched 60-something games…he was in MLB for 18 years. Tug McGraw never pitched in 70 games in a year. His highest was 65 games in his 19 year career. In his 13 year career, Al Hrabosky…OK…no HOF…but well known….Al pitched more than 60 games 4x….highest was 68, never 70…much less 80!. Mariano Soriano pitched more than 70 games-3x in his 19 year career…so what’s the point….using pitchers more than 70x a year often seems to be a clear-cut path to shorter careers.. above 75 is really disastrous…and 80 is the kiss of death. I feel like Manifesto does it because of his early managerial exposure to the playoffs …where you have more days off and you manage differently because each & every game is so very important… MM seems to manage every regular season game like its a playoff game….ease off MM…ur killing the bullpen and their careers.
….Alabama may have turned to a new calendar page but they look the same to me!
…I turned the page to a new sport….I enjoyed the Gateway Cup Bicycle races….they were held 4 consecutive days around the Lou….I watched the one around Francis Park…kinda relaxing…sitting around enjoying food, drink and conversation and every 2-3 minutes the riders come around again. On the other 3 days the races were around Benton Park, THE HILL & Lafayette Square
..I’m turning the page now to the “off” button…thanks for making it to the bottom and NOT turning off this page 

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