Turbulent Times

The weather has certainly brought us turbulent times…Hurricane Irma (Florida coast) & Hurrican Harvey (Texas); the tremendous winds blowing in the West…..all of us have compassion for the folks in Houston and now along the Florida coast…Mother Nature wins…again! …These days there are turbulent days in the sports world for some folks….of course nowhere near the same serious level
….as if the indifferent LA Football fans could ever be nudged to be wild about the Rams…this may still cause some turbulence in tinsel town…their PSL’s could range from $175,000 to $225,000 with the actual tickets being $350-$400/game…
…the Cardinals have stirred the turbulence pot in the NL Central of late….capitalizing on their schedule since August 31 (playing San Diego-4x, SF Giants 4x and as of today the Pirates 2x) the Cards have sizzled to an 8-2 mark. This good streak brings them to within 3 games of Cubs & 3 games of Rockies with 3 weeks to go. Manifesto has gone with a steady lineup….hooray!….young, fresh pitching arms have come onto the scene…fewer errors…simply playing better….meanwhile Colorado has gone thru the same time stretch against the D-Backs & Dodgers (see below)…now they’ll get the Padres 6x before the season concludes. Cards have head-head with Cubbies 7x, Reds 6x, Mil 3x and counting today, the Pirates 4x. I think it may be easier to win our division than the wild card…go get ‘em.
….no turbulence in the NE Patriots coaching staff…despite the week 1 loss….each and every coach has returned to the staff for the 2016 season…maybe they’ve taken note of the small success of the Belichick coaching tree…Jim Schwartz, Eric Mangini, Charley Weis and Josh McDaniels who struggled to keep their heads above .500 in their head coach careers…and hence…the current assistant coaches kept their current job….btw…Bill O’Brien,who also is in the Belichick tree..has seen modest success
…the NCAA football leaders were in turbulence as the step-child of the Power 5 conferences, the Big 12, racked up impressive wins this weekend when OU beat Big 10 leader, Ohio State, 31-16. This was the worst loss for Ohio State. Texas Christian University (TCU) was too quick & talented for SEC member Arkansas 28-7. The Big 12 has sent just 1 representative (OU) in the first 3 years (12 spots) to the College Football Playoff System.
….in Champaign, Illinois the entire campus was in turbulence as their beloved Fighting Illini were placed as underdogs by the bookies in a supposedly “blood” game for the Illini as they” brought in” W. Kentucky with the hopes of grabbing an easy W … however, Illinois answered with a 20-7 win
On the High school turbulent scene…
…for the latest football “comeback” of Friday night…SLUH scored with just 42 seconds left in the game to snatch victory from defeat in a 28-24 win over their Jesuit rival, DeSmet
…the Warrenton Warriors are causing turbulence in the GAC North with their best start of the millennium as they won their 4th consecutive game on Friday night. The Warriors hammered the St. Charles Pirates 55-28.
…St Pius X (Festus) volleyball has all StL volleyball noticing their 9-1 start to the season..they’e won all their matches in 2 sets!
…some turbulence for me is the length of football games…you can count on almost 4 hours for any college game…unless Army or Navy or Georgia Tech are playing(they run and run and run)….ugh 
…there is turbulence in of all places…LA Angels …as they prepare to name their MVP while fighting for the last playoff position….you’d think that Mike Trout would be a no-brainer…but during his 39 game injury time..the Halo’s actually moved UP in the standings…..Adrelton Simmons “stepped up” offensively & defensively with some incredible play during that time…his batting stats don’t overpower you.. 284, .334, .438, 14 HR but his defensive stats and defensive play were outstanding….so just how much value do you give to a SS who’s led the team into playoff contention but is not a star vs a super star..and without question…he is the current superstar of the MLB… who’s been “out” during the run? That’s causing the turbulence!?!
Some other MLB notes…
…ignoring the turbulence of the final year of his contract, Eric Hosmer(KC) is piling up some terrific numbers….Batting Avg-.323, HR-24, OPS-.899 just 3 errors in 137 games…a real pro
…ignoring the turbulence of being on a team below .500…SS Elvis Andrus has been on a tear…he’s now ripped 20 dingers, holds a .305 avg, OPS of .842..Andrus has spent his entire career of 9 years with the Texas Rangers
…ignoring the turbulence of being on the team with the fewest wins in the MLB-Philadelphia (53), rookie Rhys Hopkins, a batting phenom in the minors, has belted 14 round trippers in just 104 AB and…probably much to your surprise about a HR hitter…he’s hitting .308 with 21 walks so his OB% is .433…. I saw his MLB debut in Philly a few weeks back…even in the middle of the game…the comatose Philly fans…the few who were there….came alive…and gave him a rousing cheer prior to his at bat against the Mets…it stunned me in 2 ways that day…1) they cheered 2) they were awake 
….the Cardinals OF is deluged with turbulence in the overcrowded outfield…Fowler, Grichuk, Pham, Piscotty, Martinez, Bader, Sierra , Aroldis Garcia , Oscar Mercado..and maybe even more players….. in order to clean up the picture…some must be moved in the off season…maybe with other players (Carpenter)… to procure a real power hitter… …the Cards spent $140m in each of the last 2 years, right now the Cards are obligated for $107m for next year so the money should NOT be an issue about chasing down a quality, high impact player…… at this moment…I’m thinking Fowler & Grichuk could be part of a major deal(s)maybe I’m just hoping  Last year it seemed the Cards missed the wild card by 1 game …so it seemed…at least to some…that their off-season moves were aimed at getting just 1 game better(obtaining Fowler & Cecil)…hope that’s NOT the case this time around..I really don’t think it’s good that we’re fighting to be the 5th best team in the National League ?? Would the Cards ever go for a young mega-star demanding half a kingdom? They have plenty of players to offer and the treasure chest is bulging….I say go for it! That idea is probably too turbulent for the StL brass.
….some turbulence between Urban Meyer and his former assistant coach—Tom Herman…Herman is now the head coach @ Texas….the Longhorns lost to Maryland 51-41 in game 1….Meyer chastised Herman for his post-game remarks, “”If we all thought that we were going to come in here and in nine months sprinkle some fairy dust on this team and think that we’ve arrived then we’re wrong”….Meyer says it goes with the territory when you take over a new position…Good for Meyer….if the previous… fired… coach had that much talent …they would have won…welcome Tom Herman to the real world of coaching… not the Ohio State world 
….not much turbulence in the Way-Too-Early Top 25 NCAA Basketball teams….the usual are perched on top—Duke, Arizona, Kansas, Mich State, Kentucky & Louisville…but low & behold at #23 is Mizzou…great to see the Tigers in the rankings again…any kind of ranking 
….there generally is much turbulence and discussion about the MVP of the Cardinals…but not this year…it’s gotta be either Paul DeJong or Tommy Pham in 2017… DeJong’s stats ..if prorated to a full season at the same rate…would be 40 HR, 100 rbi, .278 avg…he was the Rookie of the Month in July..one of the best stats on Pham…with runners on 3B & less than 2 outs, he’s had 17 AB- 12 rbi—with 2 out & runner on 3B, 11 AB-6 rbi..clutch… how about you…who’s your MVP..put on under the article…it’d ALWAYS good to read YOUR thoughts
….we started with turbulence in LA and now we end it with turbulence in LA…was it the Curse of being on the Sports Illustrated Cover for the Dodgers…or the odds of a team not continuing to play .700 ball…or just the turbulence that occurs in a season…whatever…on Aug 25, the Bums were 90-36 for the season…since then the Dodgers have stumbled..maybe I should say…fallen and fallen hard…the Dodgers are 1-14 since August 25!…another possibility is that they were expecting too much….as stated by QB, comedian and now seemingly, a philosopher, Don Meredith, former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback who once said “Coach Tom Landry is such a perfectionist that if he was married to Raquel Welch, he would expect her to cook.” 
Hope it wasn’t too turbulent for you to make it to the bottom….

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